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I don’t often use profanity in written discourse. Conversational discourse is another matter. 🙂 But sometimes, something astounds you so much that a conventional adjective simply won’t do; only a vulgar one will suffice. Having said that, I stumbled upon the following video the other day and four words describe it perfectly: it is fucking awesome! It’s Motörhead‘s live performance of their early hit, Overkill, in Düsseldorf, Germany on December 7, 2004. It was filmed for their 2005 DVD, Stage Fright, which was released to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The video makes me want to pick up the DVD and watch the rest of the show.

Overkill is from Motörhead’s second album of the same name and is a favorite at their concerts. It was covered by Metallica—along with Damage Case, Stone Dead Forever, and Too Late Too Late—as a birthday gift to Lemmy (also known as Ian Fraser Kilmister), Motörhead’s singer and founding member. Metallica’s version was featured in their album, Garage Inc.. Alan Burridge, Motörhead’s official biographer and organizer of the Motorheadbangers fan club, had this to say about the song:

Phil Taylor instigated that double bass drum killer steamroller intro upon which the title track is so firmly built. Lemmy thought, “That’s a bit of an overkill!” and there it was, the song and album title for one of rock’s mightiest classics was born. Coupled with Lemmy’s machine gun bass and Fast Eddie’s landslide chords this track tears the roof off your home – and the vocals haven’t even started yet!

Enjoy the video and be prepared to have your inner headbanger unleashed!