About Me

How daunting a task it is to distill one’s essence into a few lexical morsels for human reading consumption! Here is my rather feeble attempt at it.

I’m a headbanger. In my youth, I was a metalhead. Now that I’m older, has anything changed? Absolutely not! I remain a loyal headbanger and humble servant of the metal cause. I grew up listening to bands, such as Mötley CrüeJudas Priest, and Ozzy Osbourne. Then along came others, such as Metallica and Megadeth. Today, it’s Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Nightwish, and Epica. But one band has eclipsed them all and sits alone upon the metal throne: Iron Maiden, the greatest band to have ever existed. I have idolized this rabble of British hooligans since my teens and my reverence for them is just as strong now as it was then. As the flag-bearers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden released classic albums, such as The Number of the Beast and Powerslave, and created melodic masterpieces, like Phantom of the Opera and Run to the Hills. It simply doesn’t get any better than that. I also enjoy grunge, other forms of hard rock, and electronica.

I’m an intellectual. Burning bright within me is an eternal flame of intellectual curiosity. I have an insatiable need to understand this world in which we live and how it came to be. My passions and interests run the gamut from evolutionary biology and astrophysics to philosophy and Renaissance art. I’m fascinated by the nature of human intelligence and related subject areas, such as neuroscience, cognitive science, and psychology. World history has also been an interest of mine since I was a youngin, especially the histories of ancient civilizations and of Europe from the Middle Ages to modern times. I’m an avid reader. And last, but certainly not least, I find writing to be a delight; hence, I created this blog, a forum for me to express myself through the medium of the written word.

I’m a geek. I love typical nerd movies, such as the various trilogies of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Neither of those compare, however, to the greatest movie and trilogy of all time: The Matrix. The metamorphosis of Thomas A. Anderson into The One is a story that has captivated me like no other. With its multiple layers of interpretation, The Matrix trilogy has appealed to my intellect in a way that no other movie has been able to accomplish, either before or since. I’m also a computer programmer by trade, but I only mention it here because of the stereotypical association between that profession and people who fashionably don short-sleeved, buttoned shirts with pocket protectors.

I’m a husband. I have a beautiful wife, whom I love dearly. She’s the concrete foundation upon which the two-story house of my life is built. Damn, I love metaphors!